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Keira Knightley accepts £3,000 libel damages

Keira Knightley accepts £3,000 libel damages

Actress Keira Knightley has won £3,000 in libel damages over a newspaper article which implied she has an eating disorder.

An article in the Daily Mail about a girl who suffered from anorexia appeared alongside a picture of The Pirates of the Caribbean star on the beach, which it was argued could be reasonably understood to imply that the actress herself suffered from the condition.

Moreover Ms Knightley's solicitor complained that the article implied that she had been dishonest in denying she had an eating disorder and that it carried a further suggestion that Ms Knightley had been directly responsible for her death.

The article's headline read: "If pictures like this one of Keira carried a health warning, my darling daughter might have lived."

Meanwhile, a picture of Ms Knightley had also appeared three days earlier under the headline "It's Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Keira Knightley", in which her previous denials of an eating disorder were referred to.

Ms Knightley, who did not appear at the hearing, will match the damages award and give the money to Beat, an eating illness and mental disorder charity.

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