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Immigrant hotel workers win compensation in tribunal

Immigrant hotel workers win compensation in tribunal

Three Polish women branded "bitches" and "slaves" by their employer have won £16,000 compensation.

Sylvia Pioinkowska and sisters Joanna and Lydia Wisniewska won the award in an employment tribunal after the boss of the hotel where had been employed was found guilty of racial discrimination and unfair sacking.

The three arrived in Scotland last year and were employed in the Glendaruel Hotel in Colintraive on wages of £180 per week.

However, within a matter of months he was forcing them to work more than the 48 hours to which they had agreed without any extra pay and was verbally abusing them.

They were eventually dismissed after Lydia collapsed after being forced to resume cleaning duties one morning after finishing work just four hours before.

Commenting on the case, Joanna told the Glasgow Herald: "We realised we were being treated unfairly and want other migrant workers who come to Scotland to know they can get help in situations like this."