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Two Abbey National employees jailed for £700,000 fraud

Two Abbey National employees jailed for £700,000 fraud
Two bank employees have been jailed after they helped to defraud £700,000 from customers' accounts.

Gemma Louise Eggleton, 20, and Craig Fitzallen Jackson, 25, were both given two-year sentences at Leeds Crown Court after they helped to defraud customers of 370,000 and 330,000 respectively.

Acting on behalf of a fraud ring that spanned the country, Ms Eggleton and Mr Fitzallen Jackson were in management positions with Abbey National in Kent when they used their inside knowledge of the bank's accounts to skim money from them.

Handing down the sentence, the judge said: "No doubt the customers whose accounts you compromised suffered anxiety at the thought of their nest eggs being raided and anxiety as they worried how it could have happened and whether the bank would make full recompense to them.

"These matters are of particular importance at this time when identity theft is widely and understandably regarded as a matter of public concern," he added.

A third man Syed Shazad Ali, 40, who had permitted his bank account to be used to launder the money, was also jailed for 15 months