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Injured ex-Manchester United player wins compensation

Injured ex-Manchester United player wins compensation
A former-Manchester United player has received £1.5 million in damages after knee surgery ruined his career.

Michael Appleton, 31, who was subsequently with West Bromwich Albion, won the damages for loss of earnings after his surgeon Medhat El-Safty admitted that the career-ending surgery was unnecessary.

After the surgery in 2001, Appleton never made a complete recovery and was therefore unable to play in the Premiership.

The hearing in the High Court in Manchester awarded the damages based on estimated earnings of £500,000 per year that Appleton is thought to have been in line to earn had he continued playing for the Midlands club.

During the case, respected figures from the game including Ryan Giggs and Alex Ferguson testified to Appleton's ability and consequent power to command high wages.

Appleton, who currently works in a coaching capacity for West Bromwich Albion, said: "I am relieved finally to have received judgment and to be able to put this chapter of my life behind me and move on."