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Female pilot wins right to work part-time

Female pilot wins right to work part-time

A woman British Airways (BA) pilot has won her campaign to work part-time and spend more time caring for her family.

Jessica Starmer, 28, of Dorset had been fighting for three years against a BA regulation that stipulated that pilots must have 2,000 hours of flying time before reducing their working hours.

BA had contested that the ruling was in place for safety reasons and was not discriminatory.

However, after she won an initial tribunal for sexual discrimination in 2005 and BA's subsequent appeal, the airline has announced it will no longer contest the case.

She will now work eight to ten days a month and will receive a contribution towards the costs she incurred from the case from BA.

Meanwhile, BA have announced that they will honour requests to work part-time from women in circumstances similar to those of Ms Starmer.

Ms Starmer said: "I hope my case will lead to a change in attitude. There is so much research out there proving that if they are allowed to work flexibly, mothers make committed, dedicated and loyal employees."

Women make up 171 of BA's total of just over 3,000 pilots worldwide.