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Cost of average divorce is £28,000

Cost of average divorce is £28,000

Getting divorced in the UK costs an average of £28,000, according to a survey from insurance provider Norwich Union.

It was also found that the total amount of money paid out to secure settlements has doubled since 2003 to £4.3 billion, with the recent spate of celebrity schisms contributing to the burgeoning total.

Perhaps unsurprisingly in the climate of higher payouts and increasing amounts of divorces prenuptial agreements were also found to be increasingly popular, with four times the number of people opting for the asset-protecting clauses than three years ago.

Family law specialist Paul Westcott said: "Changes in divorce law this year and high-profile cases have made couples more aware that if they do divorce, the process can be made easier by considering and recording what each partner brought to the marriage at the outset.

"We have seen a surge of interest in pre-nuptial agreements in recent months, and the outcome of the McCartney divorce could see them become the norm rather than only for the cynical," he added.

Earlier this week, a report from mortgage provider Alliance & Leicester predicted that the number of married couple will decline by an average of 34,000 a year over the next two decades.