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Woman wins £1m compensation after crash

Woman wins £1m compensation after crash
A woman who was left with impaired cognitive abilities after a road accident has won £1 million in damages.

Ingrid Van Wees, who was described as having a "very superior IQ" and earned £90,000 per year as an executive for Vodaphone, was a passenger on a motorbike when she was hit by a car in London.

But since the accident in 2000 she claims her memory has worsened and has suffered from depression and a loss of self-confidence that left her incapable of pursuing her high-flying career.

She had been suing the insurance companies of the two motorists involved for £10 million, but was not awarded the full amount when the judge decided that despite her injuries she was still "able to function at a level well above that of the average uninjured employee."

News of the award comes after a girl in Yorkshire was this week awarded nearly £6 million compensation after a collision with a van left her with epilepsy.