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Tesco fined over bakery burns accident

Tesco fined over bakery burns accident
Tesco Stores has been fined £10,000 following an accident involving one of it bakery employees.

The supermarket operator was found to be guilty of failing to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its bakery staff after one employee received serious burns to her feet when changing hot oil from the doughnut machine.

The burns required medical attention and left subsequent scarring.

Despite working for two years at the bakery, the employee in question was found to have only basic training, and had not been provided with the correct equipment.

"If the correct equipment for undertaking tasks is not provided, this can lead to employees putting themselves at risk of injury, sometimes without realising it." commented Katheryn Preece, head of environmental health at North West Leicestershire District Council.

"Had the correct equipment been available and the injured person had been appropriately trained and supervised this accident would not have occurred."

The employee, who was not named, was paid £1,000 in compensation, and full costs of £13,181 were also awarded.