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Northern Ireland violent crime payouts top £34m

Northern Ireland violent crime payouts top £34m
Nearly £35 million was paid to victims of violent crime in Northern Ireland last year by the Compensation Agency.

Figures from the Belfast Telegraph reveal that the average amount of compensation paid to injured parties was £7,526, with the highest award standing at £279,000.

This year's results come four years after a revamp of the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme in 2002 which simplified the process of claiming by categorising injuries into 245 definitions and the fees that claimants can expect to receive.

The scheme pays compensation to dependents in the event of death and also covers loss of earnings for claimants for whom violent crime has resulted in physical or mental injury.

The system of tariffs is available to read on the CICA website. Among the injuries listed are cases of long-term, serious whiplash for which claimants could be paid as much as £14,500, whilst suffers of serious paralysis could claim up to £225,000.