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The Quickie Divorce - Is There Such Thing?

The term ‘quickie divorce’ has been used by the media a lot recently. 

With the media labelling celebrity divorces as ‘quickie divorces’ people truly believe that a divorce can take place in seconds.

What does a quickie divorce mean and is there really such a thing?

The honest answer is that the term ‘quickie divorce’ is a myth, whether you are a celebrity or not.

Divorces normally take between four to six months – regardless of celebrity status – as we demonstrate in our blog on the top five quickest celebrity divorces.

This time frame can be a lot longer depending on court delays, how amicable the situation is and whether or not there are finances to deal with. Financial settlements are typically dealt with before an application for a decree absolute is made.

There can be delays to the process of divorce when there are disagreements over the division of financial assets or issues over children.

What do the media mean by the term ‘quickie divorce’?

What the media seem to be referring to by ‘quickie divorce’ is the length of time it takes a judge to pronounce the first decree. Known as the decree nisi, this is the stage prior to the decree absolute.

What is the decree nisi?

This open court stage simply confirms that there is the entitlement to a divorce. A decree nisi does not confirm that a couple are divorced and it does not differentiate between celebrities and the general public.

After decree nisi, there is normally a wait of six weeks and one day before a decree absolute can be applied for. The only reason why an absolute may be pronounced earlier than this time frame is in exceptional circumstances – and being a celebrity is not one of these reasons!

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