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When Discrimination Denies You Your Bonus

Discrimination in the workplace can prevent you from getting the bonus you deserve. 

Discriminatory Treatment

If you suffer discriminatory treatment it can in some cases impact your ability to meet the criteria to get your bonus. If the treatment is because of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, religion, pregnancy or maternity and it has impacted your chances of getting your bonus then you could have a claim for discrimination.

This is especially the case when your bonus is tied to the business you create or profit you generate and the discriminatory treatment excludes you from opportunities to boost your individual performance. Being excluded from important meetings or communications could prevent you from performing to your best ability and reaching the targets for your bonus. Being left out of networking events and not being passed opportunities from colleagues could also.

Sex Discrimination

If you are a woman being paid less in bonuses than a man in the same position as you and there is no reason for the discrepancy in your bonuses, then this is direct sex discrimination. We often find that employers struggle to explain why their female staff have been paid less in bonuses than their male staff because they have no written records for bonus awards and therefore no transparency.

If a pregnant woman is unfairly overlooked for her bonus award simply because of her pregnancy then this is pregnancy discrimination. There is no need to compare the amount of bonus she was awarded (or not) against a comparable male worker in this case.

If you have a bonus dispute because you have suffered discrimination at work call the employment law solicitors for work pay and bonus disputes at Slater and Gordon Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9060 or contact us online.

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