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VW Emissions Scandal: Warrants, Raids, and Criminal Investigations

Volkswagen has decided to remove the Royal Warrant from its communications in light of the emissions scandal.

VW 2Any products that are used in the Royal household can carry a crest and a statement known as a Royal Warrant. VW have said that that they have decided to drop the Queen’s official standard because of the emissions scandal.

It is likely that the Royal Warrant Holder’s Association reminded Volkswagen of their duty to ensure anything supplied to the Royal Family is of the highest standard of quality and reliability.

The Royal household currently has 12 cars that are affected by the VW emissions cheating, all of which will be returned in the January 2016 recall.

Volkswagen’s French Offices Raided

French officials have raided VW’s offices in northern France and seized paperwork and computer hardware as part of the emissions cheating investigation. So far there is no word on what officials were looking for or what was found.

Numerous Cheat Devices Created

It has come to light that there wasn’t just one cheat device created, as the software would have to adapt to different engine types.

During the seven years of emissions cheating it looks like Volkswagen altered the illegal software numerous times. This just adds to the speculation that it was more than just a few engineers that knew about the devices being fitted to diesel cars.

Fewer Than Ten People Implicated

A German criminal investigation into the VW emissions cheating scandal is looking at fewer than ten people who are implicated in the case. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Germany stated that it was definitely more than three people as previously suggested, but no more than ten.

However, reports came out earlier in the week saying that at least 30 people were involved in the decision to put cheating software into diesel cars.

News of Claims for Compensation

Slater and Gordon are still gathering details of people affected by the VW emissions scandal. We are looking at the possibility of a group action claim against Volkswagen once the reported “fix” has been implemented.

Until the “fix” takes place we just don’t know what the implication will be for car owners. It is possible that there will be a decrease in performance or an increase in fuel consumption, as well as an overall decrease in the value of the car.

If you have been affected by the VW emissions scandal, either as a vehicle owner, business or shareholder, please register your details with us on our VW Emission Scandal Investigation page.

Jacqueline Young is Head of Group Litigation at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

Follow Jacqueline Young on Twitter for live updates on the VW scandal.

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