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Feeling the Burn: A Rise in Sunbed Burns Compensation Claims

With reports of an increase of people burned on sun beds, you may wonder who is liable for injuries caused at a tanning salon.

It may be attributed to another cool British summer or fashion but, despite warnings of the risks of tanning beds, including skin diseases and melanoma, tanning salons are used on a regular basis by many people in the UK. It may therefore be met with little sympathy to learn that personal injury lawyers have been reporting increases in the number of sunbed compensation claims they have been instructed to carry out in pursuit of settlements for injuries.

However, the injuries of concern raise the subject of public liability and the risk owed to customers by tanning salons. The fundamental cause of many peoples’ burns from sun beds are the result of a lack warning and instruction on how to use them – the result: people seeking a tan top-up are left with painful burns and injuries.

Professor Harry Moseley, consultant medical physicist at Dundee University, stated, “You know from going on the beach what time it takes to burn. But if you’re going on a sunbed, you’ve no idea – especially if you’re going on for the first time. So you do need help from the salon operators.

“Sunbeds are risky – the UV exposure increases your risk of cancer, particularly melanoma. Unfortunately, most people who use sunbeds don’t realise how risky it is.”

It is therefore the responsibility of the tanning salon staff to inform customers of the risks of sun beds, and how to properly use them.

This point extends to other businesses providing services with an element of risk. From sports to the use of equipment, the owner and management are responsible for providing training and instruction on potential risks.
Public liability doesn’t just apply to hazardous activities, but to any accident that could potentially cause harm to a customer or employee on your business premises. At such times, public liability insurance is essential in covering members of the public as well as a business. For further information on the importance of public liability insurance, see our previous blog.

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