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Coldest Winter in 5 Years - Are You Prepared for Early Snowfall?

Whether or not you’re concerned about the weather, forecasters are predicting a white Christmas this year in the UK. Are you prepared for winter?

As of yesterday (Wednesday 21st October) the people of Britain have been warned to prepare for a record cold winter including gales and snowstorms. With the patchy Indian summer still warming parts of the isle, and Autumn leaves beginning to fall, many cynics may find it hard to believe there could be a white Christmas, let alone early snowfall.

Weather experts believe the UK will see 36 days of snow and ice over the winter, with temperatures of -16C due to the coldest Atlantic temperatures in 80 years. AccuWeather meteorologist, Tyler Roys, said, “We'll see full-on cold spells.

"Northern England faces colder-than-normal periods, some of which could affect southern England, and Scotland is forecast a colder than normal winter.

"Given recent past winters' minimum temperatures of -8C to -21C, lows of that level are possible this winter."

Landlords and Business Owners: Prepare for Icy Conditions

Slippery pavements and icy conditions can be treacherous when it comes to safeguarding against personal injuries on your premises. As we have previously discussed in our blog, What if Someone is Injured on my Business Premises?, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure measures are taken to see that accidents caused by ice and snow are minimised. If someone is injured on your business premises you face the risk of a public liability compensation claim, in which a court may hold you responsible for paying any damages and legal fees to the third parties involved.


You can’t control the weather, so how is it your fault if someone is the victim of a slip or fall?

As the occupier or business owner of a property, you are responsible for carrying out a risk assessment ensuring that any staff or customers are safe. Some of the main causes of accidents in public places at this time of year are slipping on puddle water trampled inside from the street, or falling on ice on the public path outside your premises. As important as public and occupier’s liability insurance is vigilance and diligence when it comes to preparing for the winter conditions. This could come in the form of warning signs marking out any puddles and hazardous areas, as well as taking preventative measures.

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in handling slip and fall compensation claims in public places. For more information see our case studies.

If you or a member of your family has suffered an accident or injury call our expert personal injury solicitors on 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and one of our specialist personal injury team will review your compensation claim for free.

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