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Celebrity Divorce: Gary Oldman’s Divorce Settlement

Gary Oldman is perhaps best known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. But after what is now his fourth divorce he sadly might also become famous for divorce settlements.

His first marriage was to actress Lesley Manville in 1987. They separated in 1989. Then one year later he married Uma Thurman but they divorced in 1992. His third marriage to ex-model Donya Fiorentino ended in acrimony, with Oldman successfully applying for the sole legal custody of their two sons. Thankfully his fourth marriage involves a much more amicable split with Oldman citing the 19-year- age difference as a reason he and singer-songwriter Alexandra Edenborough grew apart with “inevitable different lifestyle interests”.

This continues the trend of celebrities who are consciously uncoupling and doing so amicably, often for the sake of their children. The trend has brought worldwide attention to the benefits of staying friends with your ex after separation. To read more on this topic see our previous blog Celebs Inspire Amicable Divorce and Conscious Uncoupling.

How much is Gary Oldman’s Divorce Settlement?

Gary Oldman, who had roles in the lucrative Harry Potter Franchise and Dark Knight Batman trilogy, is paying Alexandra Edenborough £2.2m as a part of their divorce settlement. The settlement was finalised by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge on Tuesday 29th October and then, a week later, made public on Tuesday the 6th October.

In the UK, there has been debate surrounding the transparency of Family Court proceedings. “Should financial settlements on divorce be published?” and “what should the media be allowed to comment on?” are some of the questions that are currently being asked. The debate was sparked by the celebrity divorce between Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Nicole Appleton from All Saints. To read more on this matter see our blog Can the Media Publish or Comment on Divorce Judgements?

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