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Salmonella Outbreak in U.S. Traced to Cucumbers

An outbreak of Salmonella has resulted in an estimated 300 people suffering food poisoning and one person fatally injured in the U.S.

The illness outbreak has been traced to a batch of infected cucumbers from Mexico, according to Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce, the San Diego company who distributed the infected cucumbers. The cucumbers have been sold in 22 states across America, causing over 285 people to fall ill, including many hospitalised, with a 99-year-old woman killed by the contaminated fruit.

On September 4th 2015, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce voluntarily recalled under a ‘Limited Edition’ brand label during the period from August 1st, 2015 to September 3rd, 2015 due to the suspected salmonella contamination. The affected fruit is described as a ‘slicer’ or ‘American’ type of cucumber, darker green than others and from seven to 10 inches in length. Consumers in America have been advised not to eat or purchase these cucumbers and that restaurant should not serve them.

If in doubt of the origins of purchased cucumbers or salad served in a restaurant, avoid consuming it until health officials give further updates of the illness outbreak. If you have been ill and believe it is due to the infected cucumbers, if you have evidence to prove this, you are entitled to make a food poisoning compensation claim.

Whilst you may think that a food poisoning claim has to be brought in the U.S. or through a U.S. Attorney this may not be the case, in many cases we can assist you to pursue your claim when you return to the UK.

Often our clients are not aware how a food poisoning compensation claim works, how we as Travel Litigation Lawyers can help, and what you can do to increase your chances of a successful case; all of these questioned are answered in our previous blog here. If you’re unsure about the best type of legal advice to pursue for an overseas claim, read our previous blog on why it is important you choose a specialist Travel Litigation Solicitor.

Paul McClorry is Senior Personal Injury Lawyer who specialises in Travel Law Claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

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