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Libyan Soldiers Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Women in UK Seeking Asylum

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have expressed dismay at the asylum applications from three Libyan soldiers who were previously imprisoned for sexually assaulting women whilst they were stationed at a UK Army base.

Khaled El Azibi, Naji El Maarfi and Mohammed Abdalsalam were among 300 cadets being trained to support the newly-formed Libyan government and were stationed at Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire.

During the early hours of October 26th 2014, the three men stole bicycles and rode into Cambridge city centre where they sexually assaulted three teenage women, including trying to kiss a woman without consent and then sexually assaulting her. El Maarfi indecently exposed himself to one of the women.

They each received sentences of between 10 and 12 months and, as confirmed by Cambridgeshire Police, have since been released from prison and are now seeking asylum in the UK.

An Unacceptable Situation

The three men were invited into our country as guests and they abused that hospitality in the most appalling way imaginable.

It would be an unacceptable situation if the men were to be granted asylum after committing these appalling crimes and we think that most people would agree that the men should not be allowed to remain in this country any longer. The three men committed very serious crimes while being trained by the British Army and their actions have had a devastating impact on the women who they assaulted.

We are representing a survivor who was assaulted by one of the Libyan cadets. She is completely dismayed and feels it would be an insult if they were to be granted asylum.

It's hard enough for survivors of abuse to recover after being sexually assaulted by a stranger, but having to do that in the knowledge that the abuser is now seeking asylum in the UK and is trying to build a life here? That is completely wrong and an unacceptable situation in which to put survivors of abuse.

Richard Scorer is Head of the Abuse Team at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

Slater and Gordon’s specialist team of Abuse Lawyers are currently representing over 800 survivors of abuse. We offer a free and completely confidential consultation for abuse survivors and understand the courage it takes to come forward and speak out.

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