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Jeremy Kyle Reaction to his Own Divorce

News has broken that Jeremy Kyle has separated from wife Carla Germaine.

Jeremy Kyle Divorce
This is further evidence that divorce can happen to anyone.

Nearly half of all marriages in the UK end in divorce. Even the strongest of couples can have relationship troubles.

Sadly, it is possible for any relationship to end in separation or divorce with even relationship expert Jeremy Kyle now recently separated from his wife Carla Germaine.

The couple met when she entered a controversial radio contest where a couple, who have never met or contacted each other, are matched by a panel of relationship counsellors and astrologers. They then must wed in order to win prizes. Well, that was part of how they met.

Unsurprisingly, that marriage between Carla and sales manager Greg Cordell did not last. After the radio contest couple split, Carla got together with Jeremy who was a presenter on the radio station at the time.

Jeremy and Carla enjoyed 13 years of what he described as ‘generally happy’ marriage and have three children together. The couple have lived apart since the summer and reports of an affair between his ex-model wife and an England Polo player have made recent headlines.

What would the TV presenter, who makes a living from giving frank relationship advice to people with relationship problems, say to himself now?

Jeremy has said that he and his wife have “separated amicably” and plan to “provide their children with a stable upbringing despite the inevitably upsetting circumstances”. Jeremy’s response is a sensible one and will hopefully enable him, Carla and most importantly the children to move on with their lives as smoothly as possible. Perhaps his experience through his television programme has made him aware of how important it is to try and reduce hostility on relationship breakdown which can be so damaging to children.

Jeremy’s thoughtful and measured response continues a trend of celebrities seeking to get an amicable divorce in order to do what is best for their children. If you are able to enter into an amicable divorce it can have less impact upon your children than if you are critical of one another, especially in front of your children.

Parents going through an amicable divorce under the media spotlight often request privacy for the sake of their children. Other celebrity couples to employ this tactic who have recently consciously uncoupled include Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

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