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Food Poisoning Outbreaks at the Sensatori Resort and the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel in Egypt

Outbreaks of food poisoning have been reported at both the Sensatori Resort and the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with a number of holidaymakers having fallen ill.

Sharm El Sheikh

Slater and Gordon Travel Litigation Solicitors continue to receive an on-going number of enquiries from travellers and holidaymakers who suffered stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea due to poor food hygiene practices at the two Sharm El Sheikh resorts.

Several clients have been in touch with us over the last two weeks reporting that they suffered food poisoning as a result of meals they were given during their stay at the Sensatori Resort and the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel in May and June as well as in August and September 2015.

From one group of 15 holidaymakers, who are all from the same family, up to 14 became ill after eating at the Sensatori Resort, with all of them reporting similar symptoms of vomiting and stomach cramps.

From the clients we have spoken about their Sensatori Resort experience, two continue to feel unwell, one was sick for two-and-a-half weeks and another was ill for 10 days. One client we have spoken to says that although his acute symptoms have now subsided, he is yet to make a full recovery and must avoid all spicy food for the time being.

According to one family our lawyers are now speaking to, it was fairly obvious from the state of the toilets and swimming pool area that people were ill. One client said, “Everyone seemed to know someone who had fallen ill.”

Other statements we have taken about the Sensatori Resort include allegations that:-

  • There was undercooked food in the hotel including raw lamb
  • Plastic glasses were being reused after only being rinsed at the poolside
  • One of the restaurants was full of birds and flies.

We are currently investigating numerous enquiries into reports of food poisoning at the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel. Statements from guests who became ill after eating at the Royal Grand Sharm include:

  • Service of undercooked chicken 
  • Hotel staff handling and passing cooked meat from one plate to another with their bare hands.

Travel Litigation Executive at Slater and Gordon, said, “We have been instructed by a number of holidaymakers who fell ill during their stay at both the Sensatori Resort and the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. We are now investigating the exact circumstances regarding the apparent breakdown in hygiene procedures that appears to have caused these illnesses.

“It would seem that a large number of guests have been ill whilst holidaying at these hotels. It must be tremendously disappointing to have saved for an exciting summer holiday abroad only to find yourself having to spend much of your holiday sick in bed unable to do anything due to acute food poisoning.”

If this has happened to you and you feel that your holiday was ruined as a result, our specialist Holiday Illness Solicitors can use their expertise to help you to pursue a holiday food poisoning compensation claim.

Group holiday food poisoning compensation claims are common as often the bacteria that infect people are easily transported from one person to another in close proximities. For more information on this see our previous blog, here.

Find out how a holiday food poisoning claim works.

If you or your holiday party suffered food poisoning whilst on holiday at either the Sensatori Resort or the Royal Grand Sharm, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, or indeed elsewhere, our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation.

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