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The Messy Steps to Dealing with Food Poisoning Abroad

Sun, sea and local cuisine; these are the things many have in mind when planning a holiday overseas. Stomach pains, cramps and sickness are not. 

At this time of year, the headlines are filled with incidents overseas involving food poisoning. Sometimes the case is difficult to relate to in comparison to a local pub, or a place abroad that you have visited before. But victims of food poisoning around the world share in common the fact that they had not anticipated having their travels ruined by contaminated food.

Recently in the news was the headline of nearly 200 party guests hospitalised due to food poisoning in Bihar, India. The party of almost 200 people, including 40 children, were attending a wedding. After the food was served, many of the party began to complain of stomach pains and were admitted to a state hospital. Following an investigation by a health official, the cause was given as contaminated food.

Similarly, 16 members of a 19 man crew were admitted to the emergency room of the nearest port, a New Jersey hospital, due to an outbreak of food poisoning on board their ship. A press release detailing the Code Orange mass casualty plan stated that the victims were not New Jersey residents.

Initially, if you suffer food poisoning overseas, as in the UK, you should seek immediate medical attention and, for the purpose of a claim, request a doctor’s note detailing the diagnosis. If you or someone in your holiday party think that you may have the basis of a holiday food poisoning claim, you should exchange details with other people who have been affected if possible. You should also keep receipts from your meal, along with the receipts for any medical expenses you have had to pay due to the food poisoning.

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in pursuing food poisoning compensation claims overseas. Our team of specialists have acted for many groups over the years from a single person’s illness to groups as large as 650 people, including many cases for hundreds of people. One example of a group case involved a family of 15 people who suffered Crypotosporidium food poisoning whilst on holiday at a hotel in Majorca, Spain. Cleanliness at the hotel was substandard, and the family’s holiday was ruined when they began to suffer cramps and stomach upset due to food poisoning. Slater and Gordon Lawyers negotiated a compensation settlement of over £25,000.

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If you or your holiday party suffer food poisoning abroad, our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation. Call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online. From outside the UK please call +44 20 7657 1555.