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£8m Settlement after Pregnant Woman left Brain Damaged

A pregnant woman, who was left brain damaged after her heart was accidentally punctured during an NHS operation, has won £8 million in compensation.

The 22 year-old woman was admitted to Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester in 2010 after developing complications during her pregnancy.

During the operation however, surgeons accidentally pierced one of the chambers of her heart causing her “circulation to collapse and her heart to stop,” - leading to "permanent and severe brain damage" caused by oxygen starvation.

The accident has left the woman having to use a wheelchair, unable to work and requiring 24-hour care.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust - which manages the hospital that was previously known as Hope Hospital - admitted liability in July 2012. After negotiations, the Trust agreed a last minute compensation deal worth £8m.

The woman, who was formerly a hairdresser, will receive a £2m lump sum plus annual, tax-free index-linked payments to cover the costs of her care for the rest of her life.

This will include £220k per year to cover care and case management as well as £16,500-a-year to meet medical, dental and other costs. She will also receive £9,845 each year to compensate her for her lost earnings.

This tragic story illustrates the importance of securing the best possible care and financial support for people who have sadly suffered such calamitous and life-changing medical negligence.

It will be a huge relief for the family that the NHS Trust admitted liability early on and agreed to what on paper, sounds like a colossal amount of money, but in reality, needs to cover round-the-clock specialist support for the rest of this woman’s life and compensate her for the fact that she will never be able to work again.

In medical negligence cases such as this where surgical errors have such catastrophic consequences, it is crucial to secure the right amount of financial support for however long is needed to ensure clients have the best quality of life and care in the years ahead.

This woman had her whole life ahead of her. It is impossible to imagine the level of suffering caused to her family and friends, but whatever the reasons behind why this surgical error was allowed to occur, it is crucial lessons are learned so that both patient safety and risk management are improved in the hospital concerned and confidence in the Trust’s ability is restored.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers’ Medical Negligence Solicitors know that pregnancy and birth injuries are devastating and in some cases cause severe disability. We understand the complex legal and medical issues involved, and the importance of supporting you through this most difficult time. We are sensitive to your needs and can ensure that you receive the best support possible

If you or your baby were injured during pregnancy or child birth due to clinical or medical negligence, call our Medical Negligence Solicitors for a free consultation on 0808 175 8105 or contact us online and we will call you.


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