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Worst Driving Test Fails

This year marks 80th birthday of the driving test. To celebrate we’ll look at some of the worst driving test fails ever.

Before doing a practical test nowadays you must pass the theory exam. Spare a thought for the woman in South East London who has failed her theory test a record 110 times! Another theory test fail occurred in Croydon, where a man in his 30s wore a latex mask and took the written test for a man in his 60s. The cheating didn’t work out and the masked man received a £1,500 fine.

Getting someone else to sit your driving test is a surprisingly common offence, with 544 reported cases in 2013-14. In Birmingham a man who got someone else to sit his practical for him was caught out when the instructor noticed the ‘ringer’ didn’t match the picture in his provisional licence. To compile the misery of failing for the 19th time, the learner had to complete 200 hours of community service and a nine-month prison sentence.

Most people would consider being involved in a road traffic accident during your driving test the worst way in which to fail. However, learner drivers can make Car Accident Claims when they are not at fault for the crash. Learner drivers shouldn’t feel bad about being involved in a road traffic accident which wasn’t their fault, especially when compared to learner driver Jin Su.

Jin Su failed in spectacular fashion. After the instructor declined the bribe she offered and terminated the test, the enraged learner assaulted the instructor in the street. She pleaded guilty to attacking the instructor and offering a bribe. As a result Jin Su was given 50 hours of community service and ordered to pay £100 in compensation. In an unrelated instance, seven candidates were jailed after a couple of test examiners from Nuneaton were found guilty of accepting bribes worth thousands of pounds.

A man from Gloucester was arrested following a police chase before he even reached the test centre! The man was pulled over by police because he had his father’s number plates put onto his BMW. After coming to a stop the man inexplicably raced off when the officer asked him to open the door. The chase which followed, saw him speeding up to 70mph in 30mph zones, driving on the wrong side of the road and running red lights. It ended up in him crashing into a parked car.

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