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How many people in the UK do not have a Will?

Recent studies have revealed that around two thirds of adults have not made a Will and that, shockingly, a third of us will die intestate.

Dying intestate means dying without leaving a valid will. If this happens the ‘intestate person’ will have their property shared out according to the ‘rules of intestacy’.

So If your estate is worth more than your debts and the cost of your funeral then it will be shared out with your registered legal partner (wife, husband or civil partner) getting the first £250,000, your personal possessions, and half of what remains after that, is split with any children you have once they reach the age of 18.

If you haven’t written a Will it can lead to arguments and bitterness. Writing a Will can save your family from falling out following your death.

If you die without leaving a Will some of your closest family members could be left with no right to inherit anything. Those who could miss out on inheritance include unmarried partners, close friends, carers or relations by marriage.

It is devastating to see close family left behind struggling and subsequently having to apply to court for financial provision from the estate.

To avoid being one of the thousands of people who die intestate in the UK you should write a Will. In order to prevent your loved ones experiencing financial difficulties you can ensure that you write a Will and make certain that your Will is valid.

Will writing is complex and small errors in the wording can cause problems so it is best to consult a specialist Will Writing Solicitor.

I would encourage people in the UK to make a Will. I have seen the emotional distress families have suffered as a result of their loved one dying intestate. It’s hard enough coping with loss, so you don’t want the extra heart break which can result when people die intestate and your loved ones wishes cannot be carried out.

Kirsty Thompson is a Will Writing Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

If you want expert advice for writing your Will call Slater and Gordon Lawyers for an initial consultation on freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are a leading family law firm with more than 1,450 staff and 18 offices in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Cambridge, Merseyside, Halifax, Sheffield, Newcastle, Wakefield, Derby and meeting rooms in Bramhall, Cheshire and in Hull, Yorkshire.

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