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Are Electric Cars Safer than Fuel Cars?

Electric cars are gradually getting more popular amongst car manufacturers and retailers alike. Drivers are beginning to understand the technology of charging a car rather than filling it with fuel.

Electric cars look exactly the same as cars powered by fuel apart from missing an exhaust. Electric cars are also much better for the environment but are they safer for drivers and their passengers?

The UK Government have launched a campaign called Go Ultra Low which “seeks to raise awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles and encourage British motorists to consider one when choosing their next car.”

The campaign has gained the support of seven manufacturers, Audi, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, Renault and Toyota. Between them, they offer 15 ultra-low emission vehicles. Although there are many benefits to an electric car, what happens in the event of a crash?

It is very easy for a fuel tank in a normal car to catch fire as a result of a Road Traffic Accident. The majority of electric cars have Li-ion batteries installed which have a tendency to catch fire and occasionally explode.

Back in 2012, the Society of Automotive Engineers in America issued a report highlighting the risk of potential electric shock to first responders attending to car crashes involving electric cars. They issued the report because damaged systems weren’t disengaging during or immediately after impact.

With this in mind, which type of car would you prefer?

An electric car is just as likely to be involved in a car crash as a fuel powered car. It all depends on the driver and the road conditions if any car were to collide with another car, person or object.

We could also see a rise in litigation against manufacturers of electric cars if rescuers suffer electric shocks from damaged electrical systems that don’t disengage. Electric shock injuries themselves can vary enormously in severity from a minor transient injury to a fatal accident. It seems that whilst being low in emissions there are other risks to consider arising from the use of electric cars.

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