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Buy a Carbon Monoxide Alarm this Christmas

Headway, the leading UK brain injury charity, have teamed up with fire safety product retailer Safelincs to sell carbon monoxide alarms with £2 from every alarm sold going to the charity.

What is it?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odourless gas that can be formed when fuel burns such as gas fires, cookers, boilers and other appliances.

Why am I at an increased risk in winter?

Due to the cold spell, properties are often not ventilated properly as doors and windows are closed.

How can it hurt me?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the silent killer which causes serious hypoxic brain injury when the brain is starved of oxygen and cells begin to die.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms can include any or all of the following, depending on the degree of exposure:

  • Headache, Nausea and Vomiting with general feeling of malaise
  • Weakness and dizziness with problems concentrating and thinking
  • Changes in behaviour such as confusion and drowsiness
  • Shortness or breath and chest pains
  • In very severe cases, seizures, coma and death.

How can I prevent it?

Headway and Safelincs are selling four types of carbon monoxide alarm to suit all budgets. Each will emit a loud audible alarm when levels of carbon monoxide reach dangerous levels, allowing you to act before problems occur. 

What are the DO and DON’T when it comes to your appliances and Carbon Monoxide poisoning?


  • Do employ a qualified, reputable and registered engineer for work on all fuel-burning appliances and who is registered with the Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI), for work on gas appliances.
  • Do have fuel-burning appliances checked regularly by a qualified engineer.
  • Do fit a carbon monoxide alarm that meets British or European Standards
  • Do make sure chimneys and flues are clean and not blocked.
  • Do make sure that all rooms are well ventilated when an appliance is being used.
  • Do fit an extractor fan in your kitchen.


  • Do not use poorly maintained appliances that burn gas or other fossil fuels.
  • Do not burn charcoal in an enclosed space.
  • Do not run petrol-powered engines indoors or in enclosed spaces.
  • Do not install, convert or service fuel-burning appliances without proper expertise.
  • Do not use gas appliances if they produce yellow flames and deposit soot on walls.
  • Do not use unflued appliances in small closed-up rooms.
  • Do not sleep in a bedroom with a paraffin heater or an unflued gas fire.

For helpful links about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning visit Headway

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