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Family Mediation & Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings Explained

Qualified Family Law Mediator Tara Deegan explains Family Mediation and Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings. 

What is Family Mediation? Family Mediation is a way for couples who are planning to split up or get divorced can try and resolve disputes between themselves or family members without having to go to court.

Over a series of informal meetings with a trained mediator, Family Mediation can provide couples with the time and space they need to help them plan and make important decisions about money, property and their children’s future. 

Why choose Family Mediation? Family Mediation is much simpler, less expensive and less stressful than having to go to court. If children are involved it is much more constructive and beneficial for all concerned if parents can co-operate with one another and do their best to maintain crucial family relationships.

Couples can use Family Mediation to help resolve issues such as how to divide the family assets, whereabouts their children will live and what arrangements can be put in place regarding visitations.

What is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting? A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is a meeting between you and a Family Mediator. It is now compulsory for separating couples who wish to arrange court proceedings to first attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

The purpose of a MIAM is for couples to see if they can resolve their differences without having to attend court. Courts are now required to know that Family Mediation has been considered before they are able to proceed with applications.

Mediators are specially trained to help resolve issues faced by separating couples. Mediators are neutral and avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. They are simply responsible for developing effective communications and building consensus between separating couples.

Following a MIAM, if it is agreed that Mediation is not suitable to a particular case, the mediator will supply couples with a signed form. The form will confirm that a MIAM has been attended and a court will then allow the issue of proceedings.

Tara Deegan is the Family Lawyer Mediator for the South of England at Slater and Gordon Lawyers based at our offices in Milton Keynes and London. Tara has over 21 years experience as a Family Solicitor and is also a Collaborative Lawyer.

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