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Personal Injury Compensation is Above All, about “People”

One of the great problems for Lawyers is that they sometimes seem to have created a world which is completely separate to the one in which we live. A kind of parallel universe in which basic everyday concepts are broken down into long convoluted definitions.

In the process it can appear as if the full richness of life is sucked dry as it’s reduced to paragraphs and sub-paragraphs by the Lawyer’s dastardly quill pen or these days maybe an iPad.

Now to be fair, the law is a technical thing and just as with engineers or doctors it’s often helpful to use a shorthand to communicate within that realm.

But even when that’s the case we should never lose sight of the fact that above all the law is about people. It’s about birth, marriage, death and everything in between. Love, loss, hope and fear. Everything, in fact, which makes us who we are and most of the time it just sits quietly in the background regulating our everyday lives without even a whimper of technical legalese.

The problem comes when there’s a dispute and sometimes the process and legalistic wrangles can get mistaken for what’s really at stake which is resolving issues to do with real people.

This is particularly clear when it comes to cases of personal injury compensation and Lawyers throw around concepts such as Special Damages, General Damages, Causation, Statements of Case and Part 36 offers.

Nothing seems to be said without it being ‘without prejudice’ and an injured person’s sufferings can sometimes seem to be reduced to a bare financial figure that has little or no relation to the pain and hardship which might have been experienced every single day over many years.

But despite appearances, it should never be forgotten that personal injury claims are always first and foremost about people. They are about recognising that someone has been injured due to another persons' fault. They are then about going on to try and assess the extent of that injury and in some way, however inadequately, trying to put a financial figure on something so personal.

So if you’re ever reading about personal injury compensation or you know someone who has a claim, do keep at the forefront of your mind that despite the impression that some Lawyers may give, the law and its processes really are there to reflect people’s real and everyday problems and to help them resolve their issues as easily as it’s possible to do when two sides are in conflict.

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