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Liberal Democrats Backing Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

Slater and Gordon’s campaign to introduce the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse is already backed by the Labour Party and we are working closely with their Victims’ Taskforce to produce a clear proposal of how the new law would work.

Now the Liberal Democrats have passed a policy motion at their annual autumn conference calling for Mandatory Reporting to be on their general election manifesto next spring.

But the Home Secretary, Theresa May, and her fellow Conservatives are yet to be fully convinced.

When the details of Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse became clear many people asked, “Why did they the not report the abuse at the time?” The answer, for many, is simple – they did. But the abuse claims were ignored or hushed up often to protect an organisation’s reputation and sources of revenue.

Currently in Britain people who work with children and the vulnerable, and who are duty bound to ensure their care, face no prosecution if they ignore or even cover-up claims of abuse. This has to end.

It was these conditions that allowed predators like Jimmy Savile and countless others in schools up and down Britain to continue abusing, even when serious claims were made to those in charge of institutions against them.

Already in Australia, the U.S. and parts of Scandinavia a Mandatory Reporting law works. It leaves those who work with children clear about what they must do if they become aware of abuse. There is no grey area.

We know that within the Conservative party there is support for Mandatory Reporting and we are hopeful the Government will back a change in the law. The victims of abuse who were ignore and left to suffer alone and without a voice deserve, finally, to be heard.

Liz Dux is Head of Abuse Claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK and is based in London.

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