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About Asbestos Related Pleural Thickening Claims

An asbestos related disease that is often overlooked both in terms of medical treatment and potential compensation is that of asbestos related Pleural Thickening.

Pleural Thickening is scarring and thickening along the linings of the lungs known as the Pleura. The pleura is a very thin lining between your lung and your rib cage. The condition can be caused through inhaling asbestos fibres and can cause pain and breathlessness. Pleural Thickening tends to start to cause symptoms about 10-20 years after exposure to asbestos dust.

Sometimes, Pleural Thickening might be called Diffuse Pleural Thickening. The condition can affect one or both lungs. It is sometimes associated with a build-up of fluid in between the two layers of pleura. It most commonly leads to worsening shortness of breath and also tightness in the chest, as the lungs cannot fully expand when you breathe in.

A chest X-ray may show the diffuse Pleural Thickening. A CT scan and breathing tests may also be performed. There is currently no treatment for Diffuse Pleural Thickening. However, the outlook (prognosis) is often good as, for many people, the condition does not worsen with time.

You may be entitled to an Industrial Injuries Disablement pension (IIDB) if you have been diagnosed with diffuse Pleural Thickening. However, it is essential that you obtain specialist legal advice and support about this.

Unfortunately, it can get worse gradually or suddenly and there are risks of asbestosis, lung cancer associated with asbestos, or mesothelioma. Sadly there is no cure.

If you are diagnosed with asbestos related Pleural Thickening in many cases you will be able to make an asbestos compensation claim. It is probably hard to see how money can provide compensation for your Pleural Thickening and obviously it cannot properly compensate you. What it can do is make it easier to provide for any care needs or provide financial security for your family.

You have the choice of a once and for all compensation award or keeping open your right to return to Court for more compensation if you develop a more serious asbestos related illness in the future. This is called a Provisional Damages Award.

As a Personal Injury Lawyer I have successfully represented numerous people who have been diagnosed with Pleural Thickening and who in the first instance did not believe that they would be entitled to get asbestos compensation.

I know that any asbestos related disease is often both very distressing and debilitating. I have also represented people who have had to give up work as a result of Pleural Thickening, and in some situations they have brought substantial loss of earnings claims.

It is really important to seek legal advice as soon as possible from specialist Asbestos Claim Solicitors if you believe that you may be suffering from diffuse Pleural Thickening or another asbestos illness.

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