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Asbestos May Have Killed Man Five Decades after Exposure

A West London Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Raymond Greengrass of New Malden died from the asbestos related condition, Mesothelioma.

Evidence was submitted that suggested that Mr Greengrass who was a retired serviceman was exposed to the deadly asbestos fibres up to 50 years ago. Mr Greengrass died on 28 October 2013 at the Princess Alice Hospice.

Although no family were at the inquest, Mr Greengrass’ daughter wrote how her father thought that the only time he came into contact with asbestos was when working as a teenager for a book supplier in Neasden. She said, “He used to have to go down to the cellar and get the accounts.”

Mr Greengrass’ case highlights the issue of latency when it comes to exposure to asbestos. Here, he was exposed to the asbestos up 50 years ago but only last year developed symptoms that related to this exposure. He was then diagnosed with the terminal and aggressive asbestos related condition, Mesothelioma. Other non-malignant asbestos related condition such as asbestosis and pleural thickening can also have a high latency period between exposure and the development of symptoms and the condition.  

Due to this nature of this latency issue, it is essential that anyone who has been exposed to asbestos register this exposure as should they develop an asbestos related condition, up to 50 years later like Mr Greengrass, this record of register will be vital to the ability to claim for any form of compensation.  

I have represented a number of clients who, like Mr Greengrass, had similar latency periods between exposure to the asbestos and development of Mesothelioma.

To enable any future asbestos compensation, anyone exposed to asbestos materials at work or at home, particularly prolonged exposure to asbestos dust and fibres, should register any exposure as soon as possible on the Slater and Gordon UK Asbestos Register. Simply complete the form online or for assistance call Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 or freephone 0800 916 9046 to register your exposure free of charge.

Alison Kerr is an Asbestos Compensation Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.

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