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A Chocolate a Day Keeps the Divorce Lawyer at Bay

An unusual research project in America has concluded that an important factor in keeping domestic bliss is to stave off hunger. 

The research monitored behaviour between couples who had usually good relationships when they had eaten, as against when they were hungry. The test was undertaken by way of the participants having a voodoo doll with them, which they were told represented their partner. They then had to stab the doll when feeling angry or hostile towards the other.

The test concluded that those who had not eaten and/or who had low blood sugar stuck pins in their doll more than those who were full. The research therefore concluded that eating well, and avoiding hunger can help people avoid arguments in relationships, and that hunger and low blood sugar may well act as a trigger for otherwise avoidable conflict in the home.

As Family Lawyers dealing with people having relationship difficulties every day, we often discuss with clients the problems they have encountered in the relationship, and help them to discuss the options surrounding whether or not they are ready for a final separation.

Encouraging clients to eat more in the run up to a final decision is not advice that they teach you at Law School, but maybe it's worth consideration!

It would of course be lovely if difficult relationships were solved as easily as a quick handful of Haribo but many problems run far deeper than a grumpy spat. It is however important that people having relationship problems understand that a good Divorce Lawyer will always help them to look at the options to consider before splitting, if they are not certain it is what they want; rather than only offering the path of divorce or separation.

This can include counselling, therapy, couples counselling or marriage guidance and Mediation, life coaching and stress relief. Mars bar optional!

I have never needed any excuse to eat chocolate, but next time I’m questioned, I’ll explain that I’m happily munching away in the name of office or domestic bliss…

Cara Nuttall is a Family Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

For more information or assistance please call freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online and we'll be happy to help you.


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