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Shelter on Ben Alder Estate Closed after Asbestos Detected

By Legal Executive, Personal Injury

'Culra Bothy', a shelter used by walkers and climbers on the Ben Alder estate has been closed down as a result of asbestos being found in the building; the Mountain Bothies Association have confirmed.

The public has been warned not to use the shelter unless it’s an emergency. A spokesperson from the Mountain Bothies Association explained that until further notice the site will be closed and, “… it is most likely that it will need to be demolished” due to a professional survey advising that asbestos was present in the fabric of the building.

The presence of asbestos in any building is of concern and even more so when it is a public building like Culra Bothy. Many members of public would have used the building without the knowledge that asbestos was present. Without wanting to alarm the public, the Mountain Bothies Association should have been aware of this sooner, and taken the necessary precautions to warn the general public of the potential danger and hazards of exposure to asbestos.  

This should be a warning to the Mountain Bothies Association of any other Bothies that may contain asbestos to ensure the public are made aware of these as soon as possible.

Anyone exposed to asbestos fibres, dust or asbestos waste materials should register any exposure as soon as possible. This is to ensure correct details of the exposure are maintained and that advice can be provided as to what people should do going forward.

Slater and Gordon maintain a National Asbestos Register, to register free of charge call Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 or freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.

By Karyn McPhee, an Asbestos Disease Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Edinburgh.