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Is Getting Divorced Going to Cost Me a Fortune?

The answer is no. In England & Wales it is relatively easy to get a divorce. The more complicated aspect of divorce tends to be dividing up the property and deciding who gets what.

The costs incurred when divorcing largely depend on the approach you adopt and the approach your husband / wife takes, for example, whether each of you decides to instruct a divorce lawyer and how you go about trying to reach a resolution.

Are you going to try alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or are there going to be Court proceedings? If an agreement can be reached through mediation then the costs will almost certainly be lower than if there are fully contested proceedings. The cost of Court proceedings can be very expensive.  

Choosing whether or not to engage a divorce lawyer has big financial consequences but if your lawyer can bring about an early resolution and the costs are reasonable, and proportionate to the issues and the values involved, then paying for a lawyer’s skills is likely to be a realistic and fair investment for you.

If you instruct a lawyer, your overall costs will be will also depend on how much the divorce lawyers' fees are. For example are the divorce lawyers' fees based on an hourly rate or a fixed fee? The level of communication lawyers have with their client and their client’s spouse or their lawyer will also have an impact on your costs.

For example, if you cannot resolve certain aspects of your divorce case directly with your spouse such as the division of household contents, and you engage lawyers then this may disproportionately increase your costs. For example, the costs of arguing about a household item could end up being more than the item itself is worth!

A competent and effective divorce lawyer will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and guide you through what can feel like a maze. There are real benefits of having legal representation and it doesn’t always have to come at a high cost.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers offer both flexible pricing and fixed fees for family law and divorce.

By Katie Lowe, a Family & Divorce Lawyer at Slater and Gordon.

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