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Do You Know the Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims?

By Associate, Industrial Disease

February is not a month usually associated with making resolutions. But one good bit of advice is if you are ever thinking of making a personal injury claim, ‘don’t hang about’ as the consequences can be dire!

Whilst our Personal Injury Solicitors will always roll up their sleeves and do the best job they can for you, the longer you leave things the harder it for us to win your case. Memories fade, witnesses may not be so easily traced and sometimes peoples' documents disappear. These problems may well be sortable but why make things harder than they need be?

Worst of all; don’t leave yourself at any risk of falling foul of the personal injury time limit rules!

If you are seen by the Courts as being too late in bringing your claim, then no matter how strong your case and how unfair it might be, you are likely to fail in your attempt to secure compensation.

A basic three year time limit applies to adults who make Personal Injury claims.

In work related disease cases such as Asbestos and Mesothelioma, it can be hard to identify when the three year time limit starts. It may often be before the victim receives a medical diagnosis. If in any doubt, speak to a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor right away, otherwise it might just be too late!

Julian Cason is a Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

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