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Report shows Injury at work payments are falling

A recent report by Professor O’Neill, an Occupational Health Expert at Sterling University shows that in the last decade the number of workers who have been rewarded with damages resulting from a Personal Injury claim has fallen by a remarkable 60% from 219,183 to 87,655 in 2011/2012. It is noteworthy that of the 221,000 workers who suffered from stress and anxiety only 293 received compensation.

One wonders how the government, the insurance industry and some elements of the media can continue to pedal the misleading impression that we are a nation of litigators with compensation payments threatening the very existence of the insurance industry and their insured through the financial burden of compensation claims damaging the financial stability of their businesses.  

It is our clear impression that in a recession hit world workers only claim damages when they have a legitimate concern for their health and safety and have suffered injury/illness as a result. The filters of their own lawyers’ assessment of the case, the review of the claim by the insurance industry and its lawyers, and ultimately the court system ensures that compensation is only paid to those who can prove fault and who suffer a resulting injury/illness.

This study shows that once more the “compensation culture” tag is an inappropriate one to be attached to UK society.