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Family Law Solicitor explains why a clean break my be the best option

Various papers have reported on Anthea Turner’s recent split from husband Grant Bovey. It is alleged that Grant Bovey committed adultery with Zoe de Mallet Morgan, aged 25.

Since their split, The Daily Mail has reported that Anthea has accepted an offer of £5 million for the couples’ marital home. The sale proceeds will be split equally to achieve a clean break for the couple. The mansion has increased in value by £700,000 since the couple bought the property two years ago.

It is also reported that Anthea has put her £5 million Alpine chalet up for sale. The property, which is reported to be in Anthea’s sole name, is to be sold alongside the marital home, with sale proceeds being split equally in order to achieve a clean-break.

Under S25 A of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, the Court has a duty to consider the possibility of a clean- break. A clean-break bars any future financial claims by either party, such as an application for maintenance. As Anthea and Grant have no Children together, a clean-break is a sensible idea to reduce the emotional distress associated with Divorce and help each party move on, free from any ties.

Undoubtedly, it’s a tough time for Anthea. However, I suspect she will find solace in the property’s substantial increase in value , which in turn should make the division of the sale proceeds far easier to swallow!

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