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Rogue Court Clerk helped drivers escape convictions for Driving Offences

By Practice Group Leader, Road Traffic Defence

Driving Offences Solicitor Paul Reddy comments on a story which featured in the Daily Mail - 'Rogue court clerk ‘was paid thousands to help 71 drivers escape 110 convictions by forging DVLA forms to falsely claim their offences had been quashed’

This is another case of people that are desperate to avoid minor driving-related penalties, such as a few points on their licence, finding themselves committing a much more serious offence, namely perverting the court of justice. An offence that is totally avoidable if specialist advice is sought and which has landed them with a prison sentence.

This case against Mr Kelly isn’t concluded yet but there have been admissions and convictions of guilt by some of his “customers” (co-accused). The convictions and sentences total in excess of six years. In light of this, I fail to understand how he could possibly plead not guilty as the crowns case, it appears to be that he was the central figure and a man ‘on the inside’ working for the court system.

It should be noted that the fact he is ‘on the inside’ is an aggravating feature of this case and a huge breach of trust. This will be relevant at the sentencing of Mr Kelly if he is convicted. Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the co-accused/witnesses in the case go on to give evidence against him during the Prosecution case.

Despite all this, Mr Kelly is innocent until proven guilty and we should remember this. We do not know the full facts of the case as of yet and the trial is still on-going. We must wait and see what the outcome is.


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