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Iona Meeres-Young on a successfully concluded Cardiac claim

I read today in the Daily Telegraph the article entitled 'Thousands of hospital patients may have died needlessly in one year', which includes details of NHS trusts including Blackpool Trust, being investigated. I have recently recovered £115,000.00 and an admission of liability for the wife of a gentleman who died following negligent delays in performing cardiac surgery at Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

My client’s husband underwent an angiogram in July 2010. He was informed that this would be a straightforward procedure but as with any cardiac procedure there were some risks. It was performed by a Consultant Cardiologist with the assistance of a Specialist Registrar. Three attempts were made to insert the stent whereupon the surgeons ruptured the left anterior distending coronary artery (ALD). Subsequently, echo imaging was acquired which demonstrated a pericardial collection and immediately following perforation of the ALD, the Consultant Cardiologist repositioned a balloon within the artery to seal the perforation and control the blood flow. An emergency Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) was agreed and the on-call Cardiac Surgeon and Anaesthetist were called. The cardiac theatre was prepared urgently however when a Cardiac Surgeon returned to the catheter lab, he was found to have arrested and external cardiac massage was in progress. Resuscitation was successful and cardiac output was restored.

Unfortunately, cardiac output decreased and he arrested once again. He was transferred to the operating theatre where an emergency sternotomy was performed and a large tamponade was evacuated. Cardiac massage continued for the duration of approximately 35 minutes however by this time, the heart was cyanotic and there was no cardiac activity and therefore resuscitation was discontinued. The decision to perform emergency surgery was made at 16:30pm however the deceased was not transferred to cardiac theatres until 17:10pm; this resulted in a fatal delay of 40 minutes.

After an initial offer from the Trust of £30,000, I negotiated settlement at £115,000 damages together with payment of legal costs.

By Iona Meeres-Young Clinical Negligence Solicitor.

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