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Personal Injury Solicitor Matthew Tomlinson on Fatal Accidents abroad

By Head of Sheffield, Personal Injury

The tragic balloon disaster in Egypt that cost the lives of 19 tourists brings home the risks associated with undertaking extreme sports activities whilst aboard.  

As details emerge of the circumstances we learn that the balloon, which was giving tourists a view of the Valley of the Kings and the ancient ruins of Luxor Egypt, burst into flames at 1,000 feet causing passengers to have to try and escape by leaping 300 feet into sugar cane fields. The cause of the explosion is at this stage unknown and the relevant authorities are conducting the appropriate investigations.

Loved ones of the deceased and those injured in the tragic event will undoubtedly be seeking answers. The trips may well not have been part of the holiday booked with the relevant tour operators. Whether those who organise such pleasure flights were licensed and adhered to appropriate local standards in respect of the equipment and its maintenance remain to be seen. Clearly those providing such excursions have to be monitored and regulated to prevent a recurrence of this tragedy. 

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