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Clinical Negligence Solicitor Emma Doughty on Cleavage Sparing Mastectomy Surgery Claims

By Joint Head of Clinical Negligence, London & Cambridge

My colleagues and I are representing both NHS and private patients with claims in relation to Cleavage Sparing Mastectomies, unnecessary Lumpectomies and biopsies. We wrote earlier this month about the recall process and how the Spire Hospital in Birmingham had only just commenced its recall of private patients who were treated by Mr Paterson on earlier this month. Since then we have been approached by a great number of new clients who are shocked and upset by what they have been told about their treatment.

As a result of this recall, I am now acting for a lady who not only underwent unnecessary Breast Surgery but also underwent a number of general surgeries by Mr Paterson. As a result of those surgeries she suffered permanent damage. She has been told at her recall meeting that not only were those procedures unnecessary but that Mr Paterson should not even have been carrying out such procedures and should have referred her to other, more appropriate surgeons. The surgeries were not within his specialist field of practice and she was told that he had not carried out those types of operation for many years.  

My client is extremely distressed that someone she trusted has been allowed to breach that trust in such a serious way. This is just one of the issues which Slater and Gordon is trying to ensure is raised at Mr Paterson's GMC hearing later this year and we are also encouraging our clients to speak to the police about their experiences.

For more information follow this link GMC suspends 'rogue surgeon' accused of unnecessary breast operations.