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Family Solicitor Discusses Common Backgrounds Related to Parental Abduction

Yesterday, I highlighted two parental Child Abduction cases in the news and noted how the most common background to such cases is a family with international links.

These links may be a marriage between nationals of two counties, or a family who have moved between different countries for work, family or social reasons.

When child abduction figures were last released, at the start of this year, they noted a significant increase in child abduction cases involving countries that recently joined the EU, such as Poland.

It is thought this was due to the large number of migrant workers coming to England for work, and the complications caused by relationship breakdown when deciding whether proceedings should be here, or in the parties' home country and where any children of the marriage should remain.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this week that there are a million Eastern European migrant workers in Britain, a figure set to increase still further when Romania and Bulgaria acquire free access next year.

Whilst many of the reports focus on the economic impact of increased immigration, such as employment and housing needs, for Child Abduction Solicitors, it suggests a significant rise in cases involving these countries will follow.

Many people fail to understand just how complex international movement can make their legal affairs in the event of a relationship breakdown, and certainly we would always encourage people to research the position and obtain expert legal advice, so that they at least understand the issues involved in advance.

Whilst this may not necessarily reduce the upset and ill-feeling which can occur when a relationship fails, it can at least often help avoid unnecessary costs and stress of legal proceedings on the matter of jurisdiction.

Cara Nuttall is a Senior Family & Child Law Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

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