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Family Solicitor Kirsten Grotte discusses increased Domestic Violence and Abuse

It has recently been reported that as we enter into the darker months, with the days getting shorter and weather deteriorating, there has been an increase in reported Domestic Violence and abuse cases. Click here to view the article from the Telegraph.

The article refers to couples getting “cabin fever” as people are more inclined to stay indoors rather than venture outside during the evenings and weekends. With the current economic climate and couples perhaps wanting to save their pennies, more and more couples may decide to stay at home and drink, especially with there being something better to watch on the television such as football and rugby games as well as X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. So it is understandable that a combination of continuous nights in and alcohol could lead to an increase in domestic violence and abuse.

There has been a lot in the media about increasing awareness of domestic violence and abuse, most recently the case involving the comedian, Justin Lee Collins and his ex-girlfriend, Anna Larke. The awareness of domestic abuse in particular is being raised as this can be harder to spot in relationships and a lot of people may not realise they are a victim of domestic abuse. The harmful effects of domestic violence are usually visible, however the effects of domestic abuse tend to be emotional and psychological harm. There has been an interesting article written on women’s experience of domestic abuse, which people may or may not relate to but it could help in trying to recognise any signs in your own relationship of abuse. Click here to view the article.Any victims of domestic violence or abuse should try and seek help from their GP, the police, counselling services and support groups as well as Family Law Solicitors. Solicitors can advise in relation to serving injunctions on the perpetrator, which can be a non-molestation order or an occupation order. Here at Slater and Gordon Lawyers, we have a large nationwide Family Team who are readily available to offer legal advice and support to any victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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