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Clinical Negligence Solicitor Nisha Sharma on recall of 70 Breast Cancer patients

By Senior Associate, Clinical Negligence

It has been reported that 79 women have been recalled to the Breast Unit in Nottinghamshire after mistakes in Pathology testing of Cancerous tissue have been uncovered. It is thought that as a result of the errors these women, who were treated between 2004 and 2010, may have been provided with the wrong treatment by Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust.
The test that was carried out incorrectly apparently relates to the Oestrogen receptor status of the tumour. The result of the test would determine whether or not hormone therapy would be effective treatment. The incorrect reporting of these tests would therefore result in women either being given unnecessary treatment or missing out on significant treatment. If hormone therapy was suitable and was not provided, the results could be devastating.  
My understanding is that the recall took place recently or is taking place now; yet problems were first suspected in February 2011, over a year ago. It is difficult to understand why it has taken so long to inform the patients that have been affected and who may require urgent treatment as the delay may be a matter of life and death. 

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