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Divorce Lawyer Cara Nuttall on social media and Relationship Breakdown

There are several reports in the press today which speculate on the role of Facebook in the alleged marital difficulties between Anthea Turner and her husband, Grant Bovay, with some suggesting that it may have been through Facebook that Grant and the woman with whom is he accused of having had an extra-marital relationship met in the first place.

Whilst the role of social networking in the instant case appears to be limited to speculation, the role of Facebook and such sites in relationship troubles is certainly not a new concept to any Divorce Lawyer or Family Lawyer. The ways in which social media can contribute to the Relationship Breakdown are varied - from allowing people to meet or rekindle old flames, to providing a platform for elicit communications, or getting people caught out in photos or status updates in places they should not be. The role of social networking does not end there, as status updates and photographs are often saved and printed, then wheeled out as evidence about an individual's lifestyle during disputes as to how assets should be shared or Childrens' time divided.  

Many of the problems caused are very easily avoided. It is easy to fire off a quick Tweet or status update venting frustration at what the other has done, thinking that the comment will only circulate amongst ones friends, when in reality of course, circulation can be far wider. A momentary indiscretion can have lasting and unexpected consequences. We always advise clients to be extremely wary as to what they put out there in the public domain about their personal circumstances. If in doubt, the best course of action is always to say nothing!