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Paul Sankey: access to justice, government proposals to cut legal aid

6 major charities including Amnesty International, Oxfam and War on Want wrote an open letter challenging the government’s proposals to cut legal aid and change the funding of ‘no win no fee’ agreements. They are ‘baffled’ as to why the government is making changes which make no demands on the public purse and which will significantly reduce access to justice. The fear – rightly – that the changes will severely reduce the ability of law firms to take on certain cases.

They cite certain cases including the illegal dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast and say, ‘It is vitally important that the victims of such abuses are able to access justice and obtain redress’.
It is refreshing to read this. So far the fight against these changes has been fought largely by lawyers who act for the victims of injustice. The media too often regards victims seeking access to justice as somehow wrong, rather than the mark of a fair and decent society trying to rights wrongs. The reality is that the rights of individuals to obtain justice are under threat and we are sleepwalking into an era when justice will be a luxury for the rich only.
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