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The Internet has made adultery easier to conduct and easier to detect - Georgina Chase discusses

Nowadays it is not uncommon for husbands and wives to spend their spare hours spying on what their other halves have been doing on their computer. Spouses can install key loggers on their PCs which means that they can see every site their husband or wife has visited and keep a record of his or her emails and web-chats.  Tracking devices on cars and private detectives have also ensured that spouses’ movements are followed closely.  Infidelity is flourishing at a time when many businesses are feeling the pinch. Lawyers are frantically busy securing injunctions on behalf of unfaithful celebrity clients. There has never been a wider choice of products and services available to ordinary consumers wanting to check on their partners. DIY spying products include phone tappers, voice activated recorders, cameras hidden in pens, key fobs or drinks cans and computer key loggers. Technology may have made affairs easier to conduct, but at the same time, it has also made affairs easier to detect.People are more savvy with technology now than say 20 years ago when such products would have been more ‘James Bond’ or ‘MI6’!  One of the best selling items is reported to be a magnetic tracking device that can be placed under a target’s car so that the car’s progress can be remotely followed, either on a PC or mobile phone.  It is not cheap at £570 for the device, a 12 month licence and sim card, but people are willing to pay whatever it takes to confirm their suspicions about their spouse’s infidelity.It has been reported that hacking into someone’s phone is very popular despite it potentially not being within the law. Packages of certain software give you all the information on the phone to do with texts, call lists and emails, even if they have been deleted. There is even the facility to ring the phone and activate a microphone to hear conversations going on in the vicinity of the phone. You can also track the phone to obtain its exact location. When your partner makes a call, you get a text message and if you call the number, you can listen in to the call.Spy companies are warning customers to consider the consequences of purchasing the products. Do they really want to know? It is said that men end up talking themselves out of it but women are determined and want to know for sure.Knowledge is a dangerous thing and although the idea of the spy products may sound appealing if you have suspicions, there is no going back once you have pushed the button and spouses can become obsessed, needing to know every detail of what their husband or wife is doing!  Tread carefully!