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Do Long Distance Commutes Increase Divorce Rates?

A recent Swedish study has led to the conclusion that long distance commuting to work leads to a 40% increase in the risk of separation or divorce.

The report highlights the advantages of long distance commuting as it may widen the opportunity for those who are career driven and wish to seek an increase in earning without having to move the entire family away from their home.

However the report goes on to list the adverse effects of spending longer time travelling to and from work as it means less time spent with the family and can increase stress levels. Particularly if you spend a number of hours sat in one place either on the motorway or on a platform because the train has broken down. Who better to take your frustrations out on other than your nearest and dearest?

Whilst this is a Swedish case study I understand the principles behind the report, however I am yet to have a client that has quoted long distance commuting as an example of their spouse’s unreasonable behaviour.

Perhaps colleagues have come across this or perhaps it's just the case that time apart during the working week is accepted in a relationship, as long as quality time is spent with the family at the weekends and during holidays.