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James Bell: Rebranding of NHS Wales. Is This Really a Good Idea?

By Principal Lawyer, Clinical Negligence

Interesting developments from over the border in Wales.In 2009 Paul Davies, of the All Wales Directors of NHS, said a fifth of the £5bn annual health budget was not used correctly, with "extremely costly" mistakes.

Not content with that damning report on waste the Welsh Assembly/ Welsh NHS then proceeded to rebrand all of their NHS Trusts as "Local Health Boards".

At one Trust, or rather at Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board the rebranding exercise apparently cost £1 million.Not content with rebranding the NHS trusts the rebranding now extends to the Welsh NHS lawyers who have now changed their name from the rather catchy "Welsh Health Legal Services" to "The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership: Legal and Risk Services" (NHSWSSPLaRS for short).Pardon me, but  Welsh Health Legal Services seemed to cover what they did and they did exactly what it said on the tin.

The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership: Legal and Risk Services is a bit of moutful and the extra notepaper ( not to memtion the ink) are costs that the taxpayer can ill afford in this day and age.

When frontline NHS services are being cut left, right and centre how can costly rebranding of non commercial public sector quangos be justified?

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