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Christian Couple Face Foster Parenting Ban

The Daily Mail recently reported on a fairly controversial outcome in a case regarding a couple’s application to become foster carers.

The couple who are openly practising Christian’s were denied the right to become foster carers as they could not say to a child that homosexuality is acceptable. This is despite the fact they had a good previous record of being foster carers and they considered themselves not to be homophobic and would love any child in their care.

The Judges had basically argued that the laws, which are in place to protect people from discrimination as a result of their sexual orientation, should take priority over those in place against religious grounds. This would spark up much debate and there is always the potential for human rights activists to query the couple’s right to freedom of speech and expression.

The main point to consider is whether or not promoting homosexuality to a child will cause them harm? Is it really a topic that is regularly discussed around the dinner table within families? People may argue whether there is a difference between the principle of not promoting homosexuality and not promoting sexual relations before marriage. These are two beliefs that may be practised by strict Christians, but will either cause harm to a child?

It also does not matter whether a person follows a certain faith or not, there are plenty of people who would agree with the couple in this article, not for religious reasons; but for their own personal opinions.

It will be interesting to see if the couple will appeal and the repercussions following on from the Courts decision.