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Second Time Lucky for Ashley & Cheryl?

As Divorce Solicitors, we often represent individuals who seek our expert legal advice at the initial stages of their break up but later go on to reconcile. 

Reconciliation is in fact encouraged. Individuals are permitted to attempt a period or periods of reconciliation not exceeding a total period of six months without it affecting their entitlement to file a divorce petition. 

In some divorce cases, divorce proceedings are even issued at Court before the couple decide they want to resume their relationship. If a couple reconcile before they have brought their divorce to a conclusion, they can apply for the divorce petition to be dismissed. 

In other divorce cases, although it is uncommon, some couples that are divorced go on to reconcile and in some cases even remarry.

It was recently reported that a couple remarried after going through a divorce 57 years ago. The heart-warming story told how Elsie Dunn, 90, and Leslie Harper, 93, had their second wedding ceremony take place earlier this year. They initially met when they were age 21 & 24 however they blamed the pressures of Leslie serving in the war for their initial break up.

There have also been reports that Ashley and Cheryl Cole have recently met at the former matrimonial home with Ashley being keen to resume their relationship. Whether Ashley and Cheryl’s reunion will have the same “happy ending” as Elsie and Leslie’s story remains to be seen, although it is clear their journey will be more rocky as it unfolds under the watchful and often judgmental eye of the media.

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